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It's a Wonderful Podcast

And what would Christmas be without an exposition on the ills of untrammelled capitalism, a discussion of the merits of small town America over the big city and a end so collectivist in nature yet small town in values it melts the hearts of socialists and conservatives alike. 

It's a Wonderful Life was not a success on release but it has since become the quintessential Christmas film. Here we discuss why it's endured, what it has to say about the politics of the time it was made and what it still has to say to us now. 

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The Podcast of It

This month we look in depth at two works from Armando Iannucci - The Thick of It and The Death of Stalin. Is he too cynical about politics or not cynical enough? 

We also discuss the unfolding dramas of the Westminster Sexual Abuse and Misogyny scandals and fall out of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. At the point the Podcast was recorded many that we now know of have not broken including regarding Kevin Spacey. This is clearly going to run on. 

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