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The Politics of Mental Health

The message that “something must be done” is one of the most prevalent of modern politics. Although designed to reflect the resolve of politicians and those who influence them (from constituents to campaigners) on the issues that face them, the need to show urgency often leads politicians to take action without fully examining the consequences, or to reach for easy solutions to tough problems when actually only a long, hard, and politically unrewarding grind will do.

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Parties must do more to support the volunteers entrusted to investigate harassment complaints

Once again politics is going through a crisis of its own making. The scandals around sexual abuse and harassment have been a ticking time bomb for years. Women in all parties will tell you they've been raising this alarm for some time. They were largely ignored as an inconvenience. So of course, the parties were then caught on the hop when the scandal exploded.

So far, so Westminster. It is a reactive place and however much politicians like to talk about the future, they actually spend most of their time reacting to the recent past. All too often this means responses are put together too quickly and are not always as well thought through as they could be. The implications aren't fully considered. Too often the responses to crises such as this contain the seeds of future problems.

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