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Immersive theatre may be sexy – but we need to start talking about consent

“Truth or dare?” This is the challenge put to a few audience members in a game of “spin the bottle” at an immersive production of The Great Gatsby currently being enjoyed by audiences in Borough, south London.

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Review: Somnai

How do you simulate someone else’s dreams? That’s the struggle at the heart of Somnai – an experience that blends virtual reality and immersive theatre to try to give participants a sense of lucid dreaming. The problem was that at no point did I have unexpected sex with a minor celebrity my waking mind had previously shown no interest in (which happens in a surprising number of my actual dreams).

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Review: Keep Calm and Carry on - Colab Factory

Over the years I’ve done a lot of immersive theatre. As a frustrated actress it fulfils many of those lifelong ambitions to be a part of the drama. I’ve been romanced, shocked, scared and mystified all in the name of theatre.

I’ve never been to an immersive production that brings the audience into the drama quite as much as Keep Calm and Carry On. From the moment I was elected Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Prime Minister in the wartime coalition government, I knew this was going to be the drama for me.

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