The person who should be really worried about Corbyn’s Brexit ambiguity? Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May put her worst day behind her pretty quickly. Being thumped by a margin of 230 votes would cause most of us to have no confidence in ourselves, never mind asking anyone else to. But by immediately winning a confidence vote the next day May has had a chance—briefly—to change the narrative.

While Labour was right to call that vote (they really had no choice) the pre-briefing of it being just the first of many seems to have fallen flat as all the other opposition parties have refused to countenance it. And Labour may be less keen than their initial bravado suggested to give May repeated and possibly ever more comfortable wins. What may have seemed like a clever strategy to avoid giving Labour members what they desperately desire—i.e. Labour support for a People’s Vote—was quickly exposed as giving Tories exactly what they wanted instead.

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